2021 Events

Wednesday, January 6

Quarterly Discussion via Zoom: PwC’s Annual Corporate Governance Survey led by Ted Wilm and Paul DeNicola with Hoshi Printer

Wednesday, January 29

Special Discusion via Zoom: “Technologies: Eight Trends and Probabilities” led by Ashwin Rangan with Hoshi Printer

Friday, February 17

Special Discussion via Zoom: “Governing and Managing in a COVID-19 World and Beyond” to be led by Joe Ucuzoglu, Deloitte’s chief executive officer, with David Rosenblum

Friday, February 26

Special Discussion via Zoom: “What Are the Implications of Section 230 in Today’s Boardroom?” to be led by Chris Cox

Wednesday, March 10

Special Discussion via Zoom: “Board Challenges and Experiences of Our Members” to be led by John French, Shruti Miyashiro, and Larry Taylor

Wednesday, March 31

Quarterly Meeting via Zoom: “Globalization Is Forcing Change – Trends and Developments” to be led by Bob Moritz, PwC’s Global Chairman, with Hoshi Printer and Alan Airth

Friday, April 23

Special Discussion via Zoom: “Future of Business: Eight Forces That Will Shape the Next Normal” to be led by Kevin Sneader, McKinsey & Company, with Bala Iyer and Jim Bemowski

Tuesday, May 11

Special Discussion via Zoom: “Semiconductor Sector Trends and Implications” to be led by Karen Bogart, Tammy Kiely, and Mohan Maheswaran with Bala Iyer and Richard Munro

Thursday, June 3

Special Discussion via Zoom: “Deloitte’s Technology Trends” to be led by Mike Brinker, Deloitte Consulting, with David Rosenblum

Wednesday, June 30

Quarterly Meeting via Zoom: “Environmental, Social, and Governance – Trends” to be led by an outside speaker, with Chris Selecky

Wednesday, July 21

Special Discussion via Zoom: “Global Economic Forecast” to be led by Ira Kalish, Deloitte’s Director of Global Research, with Kristy Pipes

Friday, July 30

Special Discussion via Zoom: “Board Oversight of The Constancy and Speed of Change” led by author Dean A. Yoost, with Christine Scheuneman

Wednesday, September 8

Special Discussion via TBD: “Board Challenges and Experiences of Our Members” to be led by Sally Anderson, Denis Kalscheur, and Mary Curran

Wednesday, September 29

Quarterly Meeting via TBD: “Raising Capital” to be led by an outside speaker, with Christine Scheuneman

Thursday, October 14

Special Discussion via Zoom: “China: Decoding the Logic of Chinese Politics” to be led by Susan L. Shirk, UC San Diego, with Richard Munro and Hoshi Printer

Friday, November 3 or 4 TBD

“2030: How Today’s Biggest Trends will Collide and Reshape the Future of Everything”, led by author Mauro F. Guillen, with Barbara Lubash

Friday, November 5

Annual CDROC Dinner – 6pm at Water Grill located at 3300 Bristol, in Costa Mesa

Wednesday, November 10

NACD/USC Corporate Directors Forum

Friday, November 19

Special Discussion via Zoom: “The Marine Corps Way to Win on Wall Street: 11 Key Principles From Battlefield to Boardroom,” led by Ken Marlin with Erin Selleck