By and for Board Members, the Corporate Directors Roundtable of Orange County’s objective is to enhance the performance of its member Directors in their business, legal and ethical responsibilities. This objective is addressed through interactive and candid discussions among its members, and with outside experts, on challenges, emerging trends and leading practices. Eligibility for membership is by invitation only, and is based on skills, experience, and potential contributions of candidates.

Special Discussion Meetings & Events

Our periodic “special discussion” meetings are scheduled during the year depending on the interests of our members, timeliness of topics, and the availability of invited speakers and our guests.

Scholarship Program

An academic scholarship award is granted each year by the CDROC to a high performing graduate student enrolled in The Paul Merage School of Business at UC Irvine. The 2019 Award Winner was Natalie Tincopa, and the 2020 Award Winner was Omar Ramil.

Mentorship Program

The CDROC has a mentorship program with UC Irvine undergraduate students enrolled in either the School of
Business or School of Computer Sciences. Currently four mentorships are active.